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Job Detail

Job Details

  • Address
  • Salary
    Rs. 900000 Per Year
  • Experience
    4 yrs

Team Leader



Job Description

1) Support customer service and delivery activities by coordinating and directing teams tasked with shipping, receiving, and storage of goods. 2)Focus on order fulfillment and supply chain coordination, as well as personnel management. 3)Need a high level of organization, time management, and attention to detail to ensure that customer orders are prepared and shipped accurately and on time. 4)Also ensuring that team members comply with company policies and maintain a high level of safety. Roles and Responsibility 1)Accomplish requirements, allocate resources, schedule and coordinate staff and assure the accuracy of payroll. 2)Develop custom RF transactions and conversion programs. 3)Used RF scanner to pull product doom stockroom and receiving. 4)Promote two team leaders into other roles; convert two interns into ETL roles. 5)Maximize assets in logistics/Inventory planning through leadership and management skills by quickly resolving 6)Issues that hinder progress and create operational discard. 7)Serve as the district assessor for Hardlines, ensuring all stores meet corporate standards. 8)Perform daily LOD duties; ensure the team is productive and the store is meeting brand standards. 9)Perform daily in-stocks using the PDA system to keep accurate counts of the number of products on hand in the store.

Industry Type





Team Leader,Payroll,Co-ordinate